Whether you are eligible for a limited amount of financial aid, not eligible for aid at all, or perhaps need a program to fill a gap or unmet need, a wide range of programs are available.

Long Term Loans

Families looking to extend their payments beyond a 12 month period may want to explore one of the many long term loan programs. Some are available as loans to parents; others are available to students in the form of federally subsidized loans and alternative private loans. Private loans generally require a credit worthy co-signer.

Other Options

Many families explore the availability of a home equity loan to assist in the financing of an education. Some families look at more than one option to share the financial responsibility.

What Program Is Best For You?

Only you can decide which program or combination of programs best suits your needs. You may be more comfortable with higher monthly payments for a short period of time or lower monthly payments stretched out over several years. Some families consider a combination of long and short term programs.