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Angie Lindgren ’19

Unity College Alum, Angie Lindgren, works at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

“Attending Unity to further my education has been one of my best professional decisions thus far. I chose Unity for their focus on their students, the environment, and sustainability. I weighed several schools before choosing where I would pursue my master’s degree, and Unity exceeded all my criteria: asynchronous, affordable, high-achieving professors, small class sizes, and environmentally minded.

I appreciated each class and professor. Classes were challenging and relevant, and any question was always answered thoughtfully. My greatest challenge and accomplishment was the final Capstone project. I worked with The Nature Conservancy and created a trail plan and educational signs for a local preserve. This pushed me both professionally and academically and I was thrilled with the result!

Once I obtained my master’s degree, I was offered a position with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in Environmental Cleanup and Brownfield Redevelopment. I am in the field often and am directly applying my education to my career. I cannot speak highly enough about pursuing a degree with Unity, especially a Master of Professional Science, as it has immediately transferrable skills to the environmental field.”