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Sarah Torres ’21

Unity College Alum, Sarah Torres, owns her own pet care business.

“Since earning my Bachelor’s degree in 2017, I had been working as an Aquatic Ectotherms Keeper at the Fort Worth Zoo. In 2020 I decided to leave and pursue a Master’s in Marine Science through Unity College because of its flexibility, curriculum, and the school’s overall eagerness to change the way we perceive sustainability and conservation. After completing this degree in December of 2021, I turned my dog walking side gig into a full-time thing and now successfully run my own pet care business! Unity College’s impact on my career is twofold: while courses like Strategic Management of Innovation and Communication for Environmental Professionals gave me the tools to create, analyze, and modify strategies for proper business transactions, other courses such as Sustainable Management of Marine Resources and Marine Mammal Rescue and Rehabilitation have given me the knowledge necessary to still pursue marine mammalogy on a volunteer basis!”