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Steph Barrett ’95

What year did you graduate from Unity College?


What was your degree program at Unity College?

Outdoor Recreation- Leadership

What city/ state are you from originally?

Foxborough, MA

What city/ state do you live in now?


What is your current job title?

Manager of Quality and Training for Brain Injury and Disabilities 

What is the name of your employer?

Maine DHHS Office of Aging and Disabilities Services 

What does your current job entail? 

I develop quality management and improvement programs for Maine BI and DS services. I develop and deliver training for state and stakeholder staff.

Are you happy in your current career?


Did you end up going a different direction than expected career wise?


What brought you to Unity College?

Small school, close to nature, in the environment I wanted to live and work. I was working in outdoor retail and leading trips and already a registered guide.

Did you do an internship or research project during your time at Unity College?

I completed an internship with the raft company I worked for at the time.

Do you feel as though Unity College prepared you for your career?

Absolutely, and then some.

Is there anything you would have done differently during your college career?

Not a thing. I got an excellent education and experience. I’d already dropped out once and as a young adult with a high ACES score, Unity provided an accessible and supportive education. Graduated with honors and my feet well enough on the ground to be successful in the world. 

Do you have any advice for current Unity students? 

In addition to your academic pursuits, do all the ‘extras’ you can. Peer Ed, SHAC, ERT, Whitewater Club, the equipment room work study, Outdoor Extension Service, and the Ice Hockey Club set me up for many successful job interviews and twenty years of competitive ice hockey play, coaching, and officiating. My coursework got me my Social Work license, but all the extras got me career advancement and the skills to be successful. 

What about professional advice?

See above. Also, be flexible. Don’t ever say ‘That’s not my job’ or ‘I can’t.’ You’re a Unity Grad. Figure it out and get the job done.