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Wayne Stump ’93

Wayne Stump

What year did you graduate from Unity College?


What was your degree program at Unity College?

B.S. Outdoor Recreation/ Administration

What city/ state are you from originally?

Pine Grove, PA

What city/ state do you live in now?

Hazelton, PA

What is your current job title?

Chief Operating Officer

What is the name of your employer?

Greater Scranton YMCA

What does your current job entail? 

I am responsible for the day-today operations of the YMCA, which includes setting and achieving financial targets and membership targets. I also focus on improving operating performance in all areas of membership, programming, childcare and all other aspects of operations. Provide strategic and organizational leadership. Work with the board and the appropriate staff to develop a tactical plan for achieving goals and objectives. 

Are you happy in your current career?


Did you end up going a different direction than expected career wise?

No. My roles have changed over the years however, and I am in more of a leadership role total than I anticipated 28 years ago. 

What brought you to Unity College?

My High School JROTC Instructor was very familiar with Unity College, and he thought my interests and what Unity College was all about being America’s Environmental College fell in line. I toured campus my junior year in High School and like so many others knew this was the place for me. I liked the hands on learning, small class size and the relationships that the professions and all staff have with each and every student. I knew I would not only fit in but excel in my learning because of that. 

Did you do an internship or research project during your time at Unity College?

Yes. My internship was with the Frost Valley YMCA in the Catskills of New York. I spent the summer developing a boating safety curriculum and managed all boating and small craft programs for the camp. 

Do you feel as though Unity College prepared you for your career?

Absolutely! I gained so much confidence and knowledge because of the hands on learning aspect that I think prepared me to get into a leadership role faster than others who did not experience an education from Unity. 

Is there anything you would have done differently during your college career?

I think I would have liked to pursue a Master’s Degree earlier in my career. 

What about professional advice?

As someone involved in the hiring process I always look for someone who has been active in their community, had leadership roles while in college and helps out or volunteers for local organizations. My advice would be to get involved in as much as you can while in school such as clubs, volunteering, student government etc. Those are all good resume builders.