B.S. in Adventure Therapy Degree

Therapy and wellness

The Adventure Therapy at Unity College combines therapeutic and counseling skills with challenging experiences in nature to promote wellness, build communities, and establish healthy relationships between people and their environment.

B.S. in Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy is about working with individuals who face interpersonal, social, and psychological challenges. By facilitating experiences and adventures in nature, you can help clients make positive change. The adventure therapy degree program joins technical skills with clinical skills.  The degree program has the dual focus of developing adventure expertise and leadership on the one hand, and behavioral science, psychology, counseling and mental and social health theory and practice on the other.

The adventure therapy major at Unity focuses on cultivating well-rounded, entry-level mental health professionals who are able to work competently in the field as well as develop a solid foundation of understanding related to treatment programs, fundamental clinical skills, counseling theory, and evidence-based practices beneficial to future graduate level studies.

As an adventure therapy graduate from Unity, you will have the technical and clinical skills and knowledge to enter both the adventure field as well as the mental health field. This includes opportunities at adventure therapy treatment programs, wilderness therapy programs, challenge courses, guide services, and a host of other outdoor adventure employers.

At Unity, you will learn to use the environment to promote physical and mental health—while also repairing our relationship with nature by encouraging the responsible treatment of our planet.

Adventure Therapy Program Highlights

Lead the Way

Our adventure therapy students are champions of personal development who intertwine the exploration of the natural world with healing the human psyche. As a Unity student, you will learn to combine the two disciplines to offer meaningful outcomes in helping people use nature to address personal and social issues.

Adventure therapy students are part of a fast-growing field of professionals who treat individuals in need of assistance with behavior and perception through community building, adventure activities, and self-reflection.

What You Will Study

In addition to liberal arts foundation courses from our Environmental Citizen Curriculum, you will study adventure, psychology, and counseling courses geared toward wilderness programs and adventure facilitation.

You will also acquire skills in outdoor activities like rock climbing, canoeing, backpacking, skiing, mountaineering, and sea kayaking—as well as engage in clinical exercises to prepare you to provide expert counseling to clients.


Careers in Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy graduates work in a wide variety of educational, therapeutic and wilderness settings.  Specific job titles of recent graduates include field instructor, behavioral health professional, direct care staff, outdoor behavioral healthcare specialist, adventure specialist, youth counselor, and wilderness therapy guide.  Adventure therapy graduates have gone on to start their own guiding businesses, work for established adventure therapy programs, as well as pursue graduate studies at leading masters and doctoral programs across the country.

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