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The Earth and Environmental Science major at Unity College prepares students to enter the workforce or graduate school by providing robust training in field and lab skills, research techniques, quantitative and data analysis methods, GIS and remote sensing, and the integration of technology in these pursuits.

A Day in the Life of an Earth and Environmental Student

Drive a boat around lakes and perform water quality testing… wade in rivers to measure flow and collect samples… assist with drone-based remote sensing analysis of the landscape and freshwater lakes… collect lake sediment cores and study pollen and charcoal to reconstruct environmental conditions… analyze soil particle size… measure hydraulic conductivity… determine flood hydrology characteristics, describe soil pits… hike around the backwoods of Maine… explore ice caves… use fluorescent dye to track infiltration… use surveying instruments to study topography… measure rainfall runoff rates… evaluate glacial geological landforms… use spectrometers to measure environmental pollutants… collect weather data and compile climate records… install groundwater wells and perform groundwater modeling… measure lead concentration in bird feathers… measure microplastics in the environment… study isotopes in precipitation. use GIS to evaluate changes in forest ecology and responses to disturbances and evaluate environmental impacts…. oh, and drink coffee, eat donuts, and go ice fishing, hiking, and camping! These are examples of activities you will do in EES classes and as part of faculty-student research projects.

Our Alumni

Earth and Environmental Science students find dream jobs in fields that matter to them. Here are some of their stories:


Students can also participate in exciting research opportunities. This past summer, Unity College students of Earth and Environmental Science studied the cause of algae blooms in our lakes and rivers. Unity College was given a $35,000 grant by the the Maine Space Grant Consortium, a part of a network funded by NASA’s National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program, also known as Space Grant. Eric Hoffman, a student research assistant on the project, made this video:

Take a look at what it’s really like to be an Earth and Environmental Science major in this video my Matt Schnebly ’16 while in the program.

Our Expert Faculty

Our accomplished faculty are dedicated to helping you drive real change through leading-edge knowledge and expertise.

Careers in Earth and Environmental Science

As an earth and environmental science graduate from Unity, you’ll have a wide range of career options available to you. These include working as environmental scientists and technicians, materials scientists, biological scientists, biochemists, geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, meterologists.

Job TitleAverage Salary
(with B.S. degree)
Projected 10 year Job GrowthGeographic "Hot Spots"
Field/ Lab Technician$44,000+ 12%CA, TX, FL, NC
GIS Specialist$63,000+9%CA, TX, VA, FL
Hydrologist$62,000+10%CA, CO, AZ, WA
Geoscience Tech$43,000+16%TX, SC, CO, CA
Geologist$65,000+14%CA, TX, PA, CO
Environmental Compliance Specialist$55,000+8%CA, FL, TX, VA
Environmental Scientist/ Specialist$67,000+8%CA, FL, NY, TX
Environmental Science and Protection Technicians$46,000+9%CA, TX, NY, OH
Conservation Scientist$61,000+2%TX, CA, CO, FL

Our graduates go on to become environmental consultants, hydrologists, conservation scientists, GIS analysts, environmental scientists, field/lab technicians, project geologists or enroll in a graduate program at a large research institution.

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Where are our alumni?


Maine Forest Service
US Geological Survey
National Park Service
University of North Dakota, REU
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Methuen Construction
Bureau of Land Management
Natural Resource Conservation Service
Charles River Watershed Association
Merrimack River Watershed Council


HRP Associates
Bureau of Land Management
Natural Resource Conservation Service
Cornell Extension
Cabot Oil and Gas
US Forest Service
Great Basin Institute
CT Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection
Moravian College
Shawnee State University
Private Lands Wildlife Biologist
Unity College
Wild Buffalo Heritage Campaign
Clearwater Labs
Stamford Water Pollution Control Authority
Pike Industries

Graduate Schools

University of Maine
Louisiana State University
Mississippi State University
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Oklahoma State University
Iowa State University

Other Recognition

EPA fellowship
NASA Grant

Noteworth Accomplishments

Earth and Environmental Science Program Highlights

Course catalog

Course Catalog

Courses you will take

Physical Geology
Environmental Geology
Chemistry I and II
Environmental Chemistry
Surface and Groundwater Hydrology
Introductory and Applied GIS
Soil Science
Lake Sediment Analysis
Weather and Climate
Calculus and Statistics

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