Environmental pre-law

The Environmental Policy, Law, and Society degree at Unity College offers an extraordinary mix of environmental science and social science learning—providing students with exceptional pre-law training and the knowledge to speak articulately and intelligently about environmental issues.


Unity College was the first college in the nation to divest from fossil fuels.

B.S. in Environmental Policy, Law, and Society

Our industry-leading divestment from fossil fuels and passive solar residence hall—the first of its kind in the nation—make Unity an ideal background for studies in justice and policy-making.

Environmental policy, law, and society majors also benefit from working with our numerous community partners, including the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA), the Conservation Law Foundation, the Natural Resources Council of Maine, the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine, and many more.

At Unity, you will learn to advocate for the environment and make real change in environmental policy. Are you ready to lead the way?

Environmental Policy, Law, and Society Program Highlights

Lead the Way

As a student in our Environmental Policy, Law, and Society program, you’ll learn to sharpen your writing, reading, and critical analysis skills through classes, on-campus activities, and rigorous and exciting internships in Washington, D.C.

You’ll also join other politically active environmental policy, law, and society majors—who represent over half of our Student Government Association and who are among the most academically accomplished students on campus, habitually receiving the highest awards at graduation.

What You Will Study

In addition to liberal arts foundation courses from our Environmental Citizen Curriculum, as an environmental policy, law, and society major, you’ll have the opportunity to take classes in American democracy; advocacy, ethics, and the environment; environmental resource law; state and local government; natural resource law and policy; and more.

For a semester, you will also take part in an internship in Washington, D.C., with the U.S. government.


Careers in Environmental Policy, Law, and Society

Employment opportunities in environmental policy and law are expected to increase in the near future, with advocacy positions in the non-profit sector estimated to rise at 13%.

Graduates of our Environmental Policy, Law, and Society program go on to become environmental lawyers, policy makers, grant writers and directors in non-profit and government agencies, and successful professionals in various other roles.

If you’re looking to attend law school, Unity College has an agreement with Vermont Law School for students interested in pursuing their Juris Doctor (J.D.), Master of Environmental Law and Policy (M.E.L.P.), or Joint J.D./M.E.L.P.

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Our Expert Faculty

Our accomplished faculty are dedicated to helping you drive real change through leading-edge knowledge and expertise.

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