A selection of sustainable projects

A truly sustainable food and agriculture system is a very challenging goal. At Unity College, our students, staff and faculty are deeply immersed in this challenge. Some of our recent activities include:

Veggies for All

The Veggies for All Project was started by Unity College students.

Winter Greens Production Feasibility Study

Working with local farmers at our McKay Agricultural Research Station, students in our capstone agriculture class are testing methods for production of greens in the winter. Researching methods to cut labor costs, our students built a inexpensive shop-vac seeding machine that plants 3,000 seeds per hour!

Pastured Poultry Production

Over several years, our students have tested the best ways to cut costs and increase sustainability of poultry operations using pasture and forage to replace feed grain. Our current project, now in the proposal stage, is to rotationally graze broilers and turkeys in a greenhouse during winter months.

Garden in a Box

Working with Veggies for All and Johnny’s Selected Seeds, a group of students interested in feeding the hungry developed a garden starter kit. The first trials have been completed successfully. Students are currently writing a grant to distribute the kits and working to measure yield and nutritional output.

Permaculture Design Workshops

Many of our students are interested in the production concept called permaculture which involves growing food in our everyday landscapes. We weave this into several courses at the college so you will find edible plantings around campus. We teach permaculture design and we host other permaculture design workshops.

2014 Camden Conference – The Global Politics of Food and Water

At this year’s Camden Conference in February, eight of our students will lead a “world café” rotating discussion based on presentations from world-renowned professionals. The conference fosters informed discourse on world affairs through year-round community events, public and student engagement, and an annual weekend conference. This year’s theme is the global politics of food and water.

MOO Milk

Unity College is the first college in the nation to purchase its milk from a unique cooperative that produces organic dairy products. Our students have worked on publicity and product testing. Our Livestock class is studying best practices that will increase milk yield and lower costs on MOO Milk farms.