B.S. in Sustainable Business Enterprise – Sustainable Energy Management Track

In the third and fourth years of study, Sustainable Business Enterprise students select one of four tracks: Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Agriculture, International Sustainable Development, or Sustainable Energy Management.

In addition to the core business skills, in the Unity College B.S. in Sustainable Business Enterprise – Sustainable Energy Management Track you will:

  • Design energy efficiency systems for climate emission reductions
  • Get experience with local alternative energy businesses
  • Develop knowledge and skill in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy as they relate to the science of climate and related ecological change
  • Gain practical skills based on solid general theory and leave with knowledge of physics and introductory engineering in sustainable energy production systems, including solar, hydroelectric, wind, wave, tidal, and biomass energy
  • Evaluate and implement emerging technologies and design, quantify, and account for programs of energy efficiency and climate emission reductions
  • Examine the principles and practices of green design used by architects, designers, builders, and energy auditors

What You Will Study in Sustainable Business Enterprise – Sustainable Energy Management Track

Core business courses for the B.S. in Sustainable Business Enterprise:

  • Entrepreneurship for a Better World
  • Society and Sustainability
  • Green Building
  • Sustainable Ecotourism
  • Sustainable Management and Leadership
  • International Development and Sustainability
  • Resolving Environmental Challenges
  • Business Capstone in Strategic Management

Business courses for the Sustainable Energy Management Track:

  • Global Change
  • Physics: Mechanics and Energy
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Green Building

Internships in Sustainable Businesses

Internships with successful sustainable business and social organizations are an important component throughout the course of the program.

Sustainable Business Enterprise students will travel to and work with regional, national, and international real-world institutions, taking advantage of Unity’s position at the nexus of a large network of successful sustainable business and social organizations.

Careers in Sustainable Business Enterprise

As a Sustainable Business Enterprise graduate from Unity, students have a wide range of career options available. Employers are interested in hiring managers who understand business, the natural environment, and working with people. The Sustainable Business Enterprise major is designed to give students the skills and experiences needed to start and run successful sustainable business and social enterprises, or to work for existing enterprises in a leadership or managerial position.

Our Expert Faculty

Our accomplished faculty are dedicated to helping you drive real change through leading-edge knowledge and expertise.