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Category: Unity College News

Unity College Sky Lodge officially transferred to Unity College

July 11, 2018

Sky’s the limit as historic lodge’s transfer to Unity College becomes official

President Khoury: ‘Now it is up to us to realize the incredible potential of Unity College: Sky Lodge’

Unity College Chestnut Tree Restoration Project 2018

July 10, 2018

When is a tree more than just a tree?

After becoming functionally extinct, the American Chestnut is being restored through a Unity College and American Chestnut Foundation partnership

July 01, 2018

Alumni Story: A reason to shell-ebrate

From Big Night to the Big Day, Unity College’s turtle-loving Greg LeClair has exemplified what a Unity College Education can offer young conservationists It’s a chilly night in April, and the sun fell just a couple hours ago. The weather isn’t quite ideal for the Unity College Herpetology Club’s first ever organized Big Night, where… Read more »

July 01, 2018

Corwin to graduates: ‘You are the solution’

Television host, conservationist Jeff Corwin meets, mingles, and addresses Unity College Class of 2018 “Yes Virginia, there is climate change. I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. I’ve witnessed and told the stories of the creatures who are impacted by climate change.” — Conservationist and TV host Jeff Corwin Growing up just outside of Boston, the… Read more »

July 01, 2018

Batting a Thousand

Unity College Conservation Law students fill all six Deputy Game Warden positions this summer Decked out in their new forest-green uniforms, six Unity College students majoring in Conservation Law Enforcement lined up in front of a whiteboard, standing underneath the words “To succeed, you have to believe in something with such a passion that it… Read more »

Unity College Maine Deputy Game Warden Conservation Law

June 19, 2018

Unity College students go six for six on Deputy Maine Game Warden openings

‘This is a big step’ toward lifelong dream of becoming a full-time Game Warden

Jeff Corwin

May 11, 2018

Unity College to honor conservationist and TV star Jeff Corwin

Commencement to bring Emmy winner face-to-face with more than 100 graduates

Matt Chatfield Receives Maine Campus Compact's Donald Harward Faculty Award Unity College

May 03, 2018

Unity College professor recognized for getting students into the field

Unity College Conservation Biology faculty member receives award from Maine Campus Compact for service-based learning curriculum

Unity College Zombie Survival Camp Summer Programs

May 01, 2018

Devouring knowledge … and brains? Not your typical summer camp

Zombie Survival Camp among Unity College’s summer programs

Unity College Conservation Law Club Receives Maine Campus Compact Award

April 30, 2018

Future game wardens at Unity College honored for public service

Unity College’s Conservation Law Enforcement Club honored by Maine Campus Compact for commitment to public service, civic engagement

Jennifer Cartier Classroom at Unity College

April 27, 2018

Education meets innovation at Unity College

Unity College introduces new role of Director of Curricular Innovation, appoints faculty member to the position


April 24, 2018

Learn online to pilot a drone, write a song, or take amazing photos this summer

Space is limited, adult learners registering now for summer courses at

Students at Unity College Event

April 20, 2018

You’re accepted!

It’s what every college-bound student wants to hear, and now that they’re in, Unity College offers a chance to fully experience the culture and community

Unity College Earth Day hacks

April 18, 2018

Earth Day hacks for everyday living

Unity College celebrates Earth Week by giving community members tools and tips to help the planet.

Weigh your Waste at Unity College

April 11, 2018

Waste not, want not

Unity College to tackle food waste in presentation at Tacoma’s South Sound Sustainability Expo

April 04, 2018

Fresh caught fish reel in Unity College diners

Partnership with Gulf of Maine Research Institute the latest sustainability initiative by Unity College’s award-winning Dining Services

Spring Open House

April 03, 2018

Introducing students to a new kind of classroom

Experiential education, exploring Maine as a classroom, at the heart of Unity College’s Spring Open House events

Soil Class

March 30, 2018

A future written in the dirt

Earth and Environmental Science major becomes first ever Unity College student to receive Cormier Soil Science scholarship

Unity College Wood Frog

March 22, 2018

Unity College ‘Big Night’ not what you might expect from college students

Students take part in national initiative to raise awareness of year’s biggest night of amphibian migration

Environmental Career Fair at Unity College

March 21, 2018

Unity College hosts New England’s largest environmental career fair

Employers recognize value of sustainable education, hands-on experience Unity College graduates receive