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Applied Mathematics for Land Management



How do you estimate the number of trees in a forest or measure their heights? How do you maximize space usage when landscaping? What variables must be considered to determine which crops to grow and what yields to expect? In this course, students will explore mathematical techniques relevant to land management. Through course activities, students will delve into applications of geometry and statistics to design and manage horticultural, agricultural, or recreational spaces. In addition to modeling relationships between variables that impact forest, ornamental plants, or crop growth, students will perform time series analysis to identify trends and predict future yields. Finally, students will estimate the environmental footprint and resource requirements for a land management project.
Pre Reqs:
MATH 101 / MATH 105 College Algebra for Environmental Professionals OR Precalculus


Oct 7, 2024 — Nov 10, 2024


Distance Education - Online

Registration Information

For credit cost: $1410