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Drone Technology and The Environment



Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), most commonly referred to as drones, have become an increasingly valuable tool for the Environmental Science field. Drone Technology and the Environment will also provide hands-on training in planning drone missions, developing policies and procedures, and flying recreational drones- with an emphasis on drone safety. This is a valuable skill set in a field that is growing exponentially both here in the United States and around the globe. How can the use of drones advance the ability to make informed decisions about our environment?What does it take to fly a drone safely and legally?What are the requirements to become a remote pilot?How will this exponentially growing industry fare in the future?This course will investigate these questions and more. It will provide an opportunity to understand drone use in multiple Environmental Science disciplines and will position students well for studying for the FAA Remote Pilot Certification test should they be interested in taking it.


Jan 10, 2022 — Feb 13, 2022


Distance Education - Online

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For credit cost: $1410