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Introduction To Virtual Reality



This course will explore how Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, collectively called Extended Reality, bring new perspectives to a broad range of fields including environmental science, sustainability, healthcare, design, engineering, architecture, tourism, law enforcement, marketing, and education. Students will engage with a variety of XR modalities, from mobile apps and computer-based simulations to fully immersive virtual reality experiences. Each student will be equipped with a VR head mounted display to discover firsthand the potential impact of this technology. Students will design an original concept for an XR application. The culmination of this course will be an XR product brief that students can use as a basis for future development, and as a strong portfolio piece for potential employers.


Feb 22, 2021 — Mar 28, 2021

Jul 12, 2021 — Aug 15, 2021


Distance Education - Online

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For credit cost: $940

Virtual Reality DesignVirtual Reality Design Badge
Learners will define a marketing persona for a VR experience they intend to design, then craft a storyboard for their VR experience with that persona in mind. The persona and storyboard together comprise a standard design process, of defining a target audience for a product and then drafting early ideations of that product, using established protocols of design. Successful learners have shown that they know and can apply foundational principles of VR design.