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Life History and Identification of Birds & Mammals



During this course students will learn to identify avian and mammalian species with a focus on species at which management is often directed. These species include game bird and mammals, common agricultural or urban ?pest? species, and threatened or endangered species. Students will also learn basic life history of these species with a focus on characteristics useful for management. Students will be expected to conduct field activities directed at learning the species prominent in their region.
Pre Reqs:
BIOL 305 Conservation Biology
BIOL 103 Biology: Foundations of Life
BIOL 201 Organisms That Sustain the Earth: Understanding Plants
BIOL 203 Ecological Principles: Applications to Conservation
BIOL 2XX Biology Transfer Elective
BIOL 105 Biological Diversity, Ecology, and Evolution
BIOL 4XX Biology Transfer Elective
BIOL 3XX Biology Transfer Elective
BIOL 1XX Life Science Transfer Elective
BIOL 301 Animal Behavior: Evolution, Ecology & Social Behavior


Apr 8, 2024 — May 12, 2024

May 20, 2024 — Jun 23, 2024


Distance Education - Online

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