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York County Community College

Why Transfer to Unity College?

  • Quality online education. Our engaging faculty come from around the country and the world, selected especially for their skill at engaging students through online classes. 
  • Get complete transfer support. Let our distance education concierges will take care of getting your transcript, transferring your credits, and getting you signed up for classes. 
  • Take advantage of a special tuition rate for York County Community College graduates through a special partnership. 
  • Get 100% online academic and career support. Tutoring, career services, and academic planning are all delivered online. 
  • Experiential online course delivery makes learning engaging, with all classes and lab work done online and at home. 


All Fees Are Waived!

We will waive all fees, including graduation fees.

Accelerated Completion

By taking classes full-time and entering with 60 credits, you could receive your Bachelor’s degree in just a year and a half.

And, What About Getting a Masters?

Continue on from your Unity College online Bachelor’s degree right into one of our online Master’s programsGo from an Associate’s degree to a Master’s degree within approximately two and a half years of study! As long as you are in good academic and financial standing, you can move directly into our Master’s programs.

Contact Unity College Distance Education


90 Quaker Hill Road
Unity, Maine, 04988

Last Updated on April 23, 2021