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Making College Affordable

How to make your education possible

We know you have big ambitions. 

We’ll help you achieve them.

You want to make a difference in the world, while giving yourself and your family a better life. You know that an advanced degree will get you closer to your dream job, but that you can’t just drop everything and go back to school. You have financial obligations, time restrictions, and family that needs you.

We get it. We know that everyone’s story is different. Which is why we’ve come up with strategies for making your college education both affordable and doable for working adults.

Short, five-week undergraduate terms let you focus on one class at a time – ideal for working adults.

This is especially helpful if you are returning to college while still working full-time. Plus, students who focus on one class at a time retain information better and are more successful academically.

Taking one five-week class IS full-time

This means that, if you qualify, you can get federal financial aid to help pay for your studies.

“Taking one course at a time really made it easier for me to ease back into college. Other institutions I was considering had much longer terms, and I would have had to take two classes to qualify for financial aid. That wasn’t the case at Unity.”

Amy N.

Pay just for the classes you take, with no hidden fees!

To make things even more affordable, you only pay credit hours for the classes you are taking. A full-time status as an undergraduate, for example, takes a five-week course of three credits. If you are in the military, we have a special rate for you, so it is important to talk to one of our concierges to see if you qualify.

No tuition increase until 2023

With our tuition guarantee, once you enroll in a bachelor’s or master’s degree, your online college tuition rate is fixed until 2023.

Flexible payment plans

If you need to pay any of your courses out-of-pocket, you can set up payment plans that work for your individual case.

Increase your earning potential over a lifetime

Did you know that by getting a bachelor’s degree you increase your average lifetime earning potential by over 2.8 Million dollars?* Probably the smartest financial move you can make – with the highest return on investment – is in investing in your education.


Bachelor’s degree holders earn 31% more than those with an Associate’s degree, and 84% more than those with just a high school diploma.

Start and stop when it works for you

We understand that sometimes life just gets in the way. You have to take care of a sick parent, need to find a new job, or just need a break from classes. A Unity College, you can take a break in your studies for up to X terms so you can deal with whatever life throws at you. And if you have financial aid, it will be put on hold and available to you when you return to classes, no questions asked.

Get your personalized financial plan before you start

Everyone’s financial situation is different. You may have credits from another institution you want to transfer. You may be a veteran or are currently deployed. You may want to accelerate your education to finish sooner. Or you may want to slow things down and take a break from studying.

We get it. Which is why every student has their own financial plan which takes all the guesswork out of how to make college affordable. So you can focus on learning and not on how to pay for college.

“I am beyond grateful for the help that Unity College’s concierge gave me so I could keep pursuing my dream of higher education. When other colleges told me ‘Sorry, there’s nothing we can do, money problems are your own.’ he helped me find a way. So grateful and excited to be at Unity College Online! “

Chris C.

 Next Step: Contact us!

Contact a Distance Education Concierge today and see how you can afford to go to college. Email or call 207-509-7155.