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MetaVRse Certified Creator

MetaVRse Certified Creator

Coming Soon!
In this self-paced micro-course, learners of the MetaVRse Certified Creator course are able to create simple  immersive and interactive 3D experiences and evaluate  their applications for a wide variety of business use cases including spatial design, production, gaming, training, education, and customer service interactions. Earners will be able to create content using  MetaVRse creator tool and spatial design fundamentals and are evaluated on the ability to prototype and publish basic web-based experiences.

Ultrasound machine created by the MetaVRse engine.
Ultrasound machine created by the MetaVRse engine.

What you will learn:

  • Discover configurators, HUD’s and grouping objects
  • Add multiple configurators with buttons to produce a multi-interactive experience
  • Embed videos as a texture to the 3D assets
  • Add multiple scenes to a 3D experience
  • Identify Code Snippets 
  • Assemble a small 3D project with configurators & animations (ie. Robot package)

Earners can proudly display a badge on LinkedIn or their preferred form of social media.

Format: Self-paced
Hours: 10-15
Cost: TBD
Prerequisites: Completion of MetaVRse User

This micro-course is coming soon! If you would like to be notified when this course is available, please fill out the following form: