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Renewable Energy


Understand the Growing Field

of Renewable Energy

Concentration in Renewable Energy

A concentration in Renewable Energy is available to all programs.

Concentration Highlights:

  • Increase your job readiness by learning additional skills necessary in today’s workplace, while working towards your undergraduate degree in Environmental Emergency Disaster Management and Law EnforcementWildlife ConservationEnvironmental Studies, Environmental Science and Climate Change, or Animal Health and Behavior.
  • Concentrations appear on your transcript so future employers know what skills you’ve acquired.
  • One-on-one academic and professional advising Our world-class faculty and trained staff strive to make your professional and academic goals a reality.
  • Unity College is an accredited institution by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).
  • Study when and where you want and finish your degree while still working full-time.
  • Make professional connections with leaders in your field. 
  • Get job placement assistance through our career development department.
  • Eight start dates per year.

Take the following courses:

  • RNRG 101 Introduction to Green Energy: Politics and Implementation

    This course explores the fundamentals of renewable energy resources including wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, ocean dynamics, hydrogen fuel cell and biofuels. Students will compare and contrast these energy resources. Emphasis will be placed on evaluating the political, social and economic consequences of implementing green technologies in an industry currently based primarily on non-renewable energy resources.

  • RNRG 201 Renewable Energy: Science, Technology and Management

    This course examines the science, technology and management of renewable energy resources. By assessing the growth potential of renewable energy markets and understanding the challenges of transitioning to green technologies, students will learn and apply the best practices of managing and leading change in the green energy market.

  • RNRG 301 Successful Management of Wind and Solar Renewable Energy Projects

    This course provides an in-depth look into the technological, political, and permitting challenges associated with bringing solar and wind electricity generation online. Students will model successful business practices at the project level as they plan how to manage policy considerations and the political controversies that must be overcome to integrate solar and wind technologies into local energy markets.