Douglas Fox

Professor of Sustainable Agriculture

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Academic Background

MS, Forestry, State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry
BS, Forestry Management, University of Maine

I’m a broadly interested teacher/learner with an interest in sustainability that goes back at least to the oil shock of 1973, when my dad bought a moped, we installed a woodstove, and I built my first solar oven. In graduate school I studied both silviculture (i.e., how to grow forests) and the energy economics of harvesting wood for fuel. Following graduate school I spent a year learning carpentry from some green builder friends who were very patient with me! We built a large passive solar home in upstate New York that is a model of sustainability.

I have been teaching agriculture courses—from landscape horticulture to arboriculture to organic gardening to forestry—at Unity College since 1991. My passion is to help students realize a partnership with nature so that both can thrive.

Fox Curriculum Vitae