Dr. Ellen Batchelder

Associate Professor of Cell Biology

Staff photo

Academic Background

Post-Doctorial Research, Institute Curie
PhD, Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison BA,
Biology and Biochemistry, Brandeis University

A Maine native, I spent the last 15 years training in research cell biology in the Northeast and Midwest US, and internationally in France. I am now excited to return to my home and to the unique setting of Unity College, where combining my interests in biology, teaching, and living closer to nature isn’t wishful thinking but an accepted way of life. I enjoy the thrill of discovering the inner workings of the little machines we call cells. Most recently my discoveries have come from studying how cells from a small soil worm grow, divide, and move. At Unity College I am inspired to be working with colleagues to use this kind of basic science to illuminate broader environmental issues, by using these same nematodes as a model to understand how nematode pathogens interact with plants. When teaching, I aim to develop in students an appreciation and familiarity with biology at the cellular level, not only because cells are inherently fascinating, but because such knowledge provides the foundation for understanding the biology of organisms and informs concepts as varied as biofuel production and the effects of toxins on animal and human health. When I am not studying biology in the classroom or the lab, I enjoy observing it in action, being out of doors growing vegetables, identifying wildflowers, and hiking mountains.

Batchelder Curriculum Vitae