Want to Launch a Green Business?

Here are 3 Ways Unity Helps You Do Just That

When you enroll in Unity College’s Online Sustainable Master of Business Education, you’ll have opportunities to launch a wide range of careers because you’ll know what it takes to make a business succeed with the latest sustainability practices.

Our students’ careers take them all over the globe, but many come to us with a particular goal in mind: launching their own business. Unity’s online MBA students are the next generation of green business owners, and they’re eager to learn what it takes to launch the next big thing.

Business education at Unity College focuses on people, the planet, and the bottom line. As a graduate student pursuing an MBA at Unity College, you’ll be ready to create a successful sustainable business that not only generates wealth but is a benefit to your community and the planet.

But where do you get started looking for the next great business idea? What do budding business people need to be successful? Here are three ways Unity College’s online Sustainable MBA can help you launch a thriving green business venture.

You’ll Get Real Experience

As a graduate student at Unity College, you’ll learn from experienced faculty members and you’ll get the chance to develop your own sustainable business initiative as a hands-on component of our curriculum.

In classes like Sustainable MBA Capstone I: Planning Sustainable Business Initiatives, students get real-world experience planning a sustainable venture in the supportive environment of online learning. Experience like this is just one way you can take a small idea and grow into a flourishing business that improves the environment and delivers value to consumers.

The good news is, MBA students getting ready to launch their businesses are entering a market that’s ready for sustainability. These days, it’s well established (PDF) that people are willing to pay for products and services that are sustainable and have minimal impacts on the environment. Plus, companies that implement sustainability measures often see their profits increase and costs go down.

Taking advantage of a market that’s hungry for sustainable products and services takes experience and education, and Unity’s Sustainable MBA delivers the insights you need to succeed.

You’ll Build Financial Know-How

Sustainable entrepreneurs launch businesses with the goal of creating a sound business model that also addresses environmental and social concerns. Mastering the fundamentals of business is the first step toward launching an enduring sustainable enterprise. You’ll need experience with building teams, navigating government regulation, and, most importantly, paying for it all.

Businesses need steady revenue streams to pay employees, purchase goods, and carry out day-to-day activity. All good entrepreneurs need a solid understanding of finance—both how to obtain funding to start a business, and how to maintain steady cash flow once the business is up and running.

That’s why Unity College developed the Sustainable Master of Business Administration as a combination of a traditional business education and cutting edge sustainability practices and analytic tools. Coursework in Accounting and Finance for Sustainable Business supports our graduate student’s ability to lead strong and successful businesses. You’ll discover how a business’s operations and environmental liabilities can affect its bottom line and other essentials of finance and capital management.

You’ll Learn How to Reach your Consumers

What good is a sustainable business that consumers never hear about? As a business leader, your ability to reach your customers is the lifeblood of your business. A high-quality, sustainable business graduate degree must build skills like marketing, communication, and leadership to help students be successful in their careers. Unity MBA students learn how to effectively communicate with their stakeholders while also exploring strategies in brand development, analyzing consumer demand, and more.

As future business leaders, Unity students also need the skills to inspire others to take action. Unity approaches leadership as a way of reaching your community to inspire truly lasting environmental change.

By integrating sustainability into every course in our Sustainable MBA program, Unity offers a unique program that will help students become twenty-first-century business leaders who can make a difference in their communities and the environment.

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