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Dr. Patrick Kennelly

Instructor of Geographic Information Science

Dr. Patrick Kenelly

Dr. Patrick Kennelly has been teaching and working with GIS for the last 25 years. He received a Ph.D. in Geography from Oregon State University, a M.S. in Geophysics from the University of Arizona, and a B.S. in Geology from Allegheny College. Dr. Kennelly has always looked for opportunities to make online learning as engaging as the classroom experience since he began teaching GIS online 17 years ago. In addition to his academic career, he brings his knowledge of and experience with using GIS for environmental mapping from government, private industry, and consulting to help enrich his students’ learning experience.

Dr. Kennelly’s research focuses on applications of GIS to interpreting our environment and to cartographic techniques. He is a widely recognized as an expert on representing terrain on maps and associated methods of geo-visualization. He is active in the cartographic community, serving as a United States National Committee member of the International Cartographic Association and as President-elect of the North American Cartographic Information Society.