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Lori Perez

Associate Professor of Conservation Law Enforcement

Lori Perez

Interim Flagship Dean of Biodiversity Conservation

Perez served as a Federal Wildlife Officer with US Fish and Wildlife Service in Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Maine. As an officer, Perez was a member of the Special Operations Response Team which included advanced training, specialized details and responding to natural disasters. Perez was also an Investigator for the Waldo District Attorneys Office during which time she assisted with prosecution of state and local cases, as well as served on the Sexual Assault Response Team.

BS, Westfield State College
MS, Central Connecticut State University
Level I Federal Law Enforcement Commission
Level II Federal Law Enforcement Commission
Maine Law Enforcement Certification

Courses Taught at Unity
CL1013 & CL1013L Introduction to Conservation Law Enforcement
CL2113 Wildlife Law Enforcement
CL 2323 Community Relations and Ethics
CL2891 Use of Force
CL3224 & CL3224L Crime Scene Investigations Techniques
CL4503 & CL4503L Conservation Law Enforcement Capstone