While individual Maine colleges and universities vary in their requirements for admission and placement, they all recommend the following high school preparation in these core academic areas:

  • 4 years of English courses that incorporate a variety of texts (fiction, nonfiction, essays, memoirs, journalism) and that emphasize exploratory and analytic writing.
  • 3 years of math courses that include, at a minimum, algebra I, algebra II, and geometry (required), taken as separate courses or as an integrated sequence of courses, and a 12th-grade college-preparatory math course that provides a solid foundation in quantitative and algebraic reasoning (recommended). For those students planning to major in mathematics, science, or a technical or professional field that requires advanced math skills, a pre-calculus or calculus course is strongly recommended.
  • At least 2 years of laboratory science on top of the freshman science course—offered as either separate courses or as integrated core classes—that include the study of biology, chemistry (recommended), and physics. Science courses should emphasize the writing of technical reports and the quantitative representations and analysis of data.
  • At least three years of history and social science in courses that emphasize the reading of primary and secondary texts of analytic and expository essays, and the use of quantitative data and research findings.

In addition, most colleges expect students to have taken some classes in the visual or performing arts, and all colleges expect that students will know how to use a computer. Students should take every opportunity to learn about these subjects.