Undergraduate Tuition and Cost of Attendance – 2020/21

Your cost of attendance includes two kinds of costs:

  • Direct costs are those that appear on your bill, and which you pay directly to the college.
  • Indirect costs are costs that you will be likely to face, but which are not owed directly to the college. Please keep in mind that indirect costs are only estimates and will vary from student to student.
Direct Costs
Tuition $29,670
Fees $1,150
Room/board $11,450
SUBTOTAL $42,270
Indirect Costs
Books $500
Personal expenses $600
Travel $750

Net Price Calculator

Our Net Price Calculator will provide you with an estimate of the costs of attending and the financial aid for which you might qualify. Based on the information you provide regarding your family’s financial situation, the calculator will return a net price. That price reflects your estimated costs of attending Unity College as a freshman or transfer student less your estimated financial aid.

This is a planning tool only and not an application for financial aid. If you have special circumstances or other financial aid questions, please contact our financial aid office.