The botany minor has a core of four courses that comprise structure, function, identification, and environmental context of plants. A fifth course is a choice, allowing students to cast their minor in a more applied or basic mode according to individual goals.

Required Coursework:

BI 2001 Population and Community Ecology Lab
BI 2003 Population and Community Ecology
BI 2053 Systematic Botany
BI 3214 Biology of Plants
FY 2043 Dendrology

Two of the following courses:

BI 3053 Marine Biology
BI 3063 Agroecology
BI 3323 Conservation Biology
BI 3423 Evolution
BI 4243 Genetics & Molecular Biology
BI 4423 Ecosystem Ecology
FY 3213 Forest Silviculture and Management
SA 3363 Soil Fertility