This minor will support the students who plan on working with educational/interpretive programs in a variety of settings including zoos, wildlife parks, aquariums, parks, environmental learning centers, and other educational settings.

Required courses:

CM 2123 Environmental Communication
ED 1013 Foundations of Education
ED 2113 Instruction and Assessment Design
PF 1023 Interpretation of Natural and Cultural Heritage
PF 4123 Interpretative Methods

Eight credits from the following:

CM 2233 Digital Media Production
CM 3113 Documentary Film
CM 3123 New Media
ED 2102 Educational Field Practicum 1
ED 2212 Teaching with Technology
ED 3333 Education for Exceptional Children and Youth
ED 3443 Teaching Science in the Secondary Schools
EH 3213 Professional and Technical Writing
EH 4213 Writing for Publication
PF 2213 Sustainable Ecotourism
PY 2013 Human Development
PY 3123 Educational Psychology