Students then focus on an aspect of animal biology that fascinates them ranging from particular types of animals, such as in ornithology, to how animals work, such as through cell biology or genetics.

Required Coursework:

BI 2001 Population and Community Ecology Lab
BI 2004 Population and Community Ecology
BI 3173 Animal Behavior
BI 3204 Comparative Animal Physiology

One of the Following:

BI 2304 Cell Biology
BI 3423 Evolution
BI 4243 Genetics and Molecular Biology

Two of the following:

BI 2033 Marine Biology
BI 3233 Ichthyology
BI 3253 Invertebrate Zoology
BI 3273 Mammalogy
BI 3283 Ornithology
BI 3293 Entomology
WF 4034 Animal Health