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A Distinctive Approach

Sustainability and

experiential learning

Sustainability and experiential learning are at the core of a Unity College education.

Unity’s unique, integrative learning experience prepares students to be resourceful in finding practical, innovative solutions to global environmental issues. We achieve this through a transdisciplinary approach to learning and a vibrant, supportive culture focused on the environment, community, and personal goals.


TERRAIN at Unity College is our signature expeditionary education model for all first and second-year Flagship Students, created to develop their resumes and start professional networking through primary research, fieldwork, and certifications at Unity College. Rather than a traditional college experience of five unrelated courses per semester, TERRAIN is a single, credit-bearing module per quarter term that provides career-relevant learning in one inclusive course. Learn more about TERRAIN.

Environmental Citizen Curriculum

At the heart of Unity’s academics is our Environmental Citizen Curriculum. This program of study is the foundation for learning at Unity College—it equips students with a solid liberal arts education, ensuring they have the skills and habits of inquiry, analysis, and communication necessary to succeed in any environmental profession.

Community-Based Learning

For Unity students, learning is not limited to classrooms and labs. A community-based experiential learning component engages students in service opportunities and civic responsibility, allowing them to apply classroom learning to real-life situations.

Community-Based Learning takes place through courses, clubs, special programs, and extracurricular opportunities throughout the year and is an integral part of the Unity learning experience.

See our distinctive approach to learning at work through these unique, hands-on opportunities: