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Internships and Study Abroad

Providing Career Experience

Around the Globe


Once viewed as simply a resume builder, internships have now become an integral part of the learning experience, serving as a way to help achieve deliberate learning goals, provide structured reflection on career choices, and allow for focused professional development.

Current Students: view the Internship FAQs for COVID-19 

What are employers saying about Unity College interns?

Why do an internship?

  • To develop skills, confidence, and professional contacts that cannot be achieved in a classroom setting.
  • To perform work in a short-term capacity, enabling students to identify their strengths, areas of growth, and areas of interest.
  • To facilitate personal reflection on work experiences through the development of an internship portfolio and worksite supervisor evaluation.
  • To integrate classroom theory with professional learning experiences.

Unity College interns receive ongoing support and feedback from both on-campus faculty sponsors as well as worksite supervisors. Although not academically required by all majors, internships may be used to earn elective credit while gaining experience.

Where can I do my internship?

Unity College students are making the most of their experiential learning opportunities by traveling around the world to work with organizations such as the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia, Operation Wallacea Research in Indonesia, or the Manatee Rehabilitation Centers in Belize. Students also use this experience to set themselves up for full time employment opportunities working for agencies such as the Maine Warden Service, the National Park Service or ReVision Energy. Explore the map below to see what kinds of internships are available all over the world.

Internships lead to real jobs after college

A 2015 Internship & Co-op Survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) notes that employers made full time offers to 51.7% of their interns.  Overall, after one year, employers retain about three-fourths (77.5 – 78%) of their new college hires who have internship experience—either internal (internship with the same employer) or external (internship with a different employer). Just under two-thirds (62.8%) of new college hires without any past internship experiences are retained after one year.

After five years, 57.3 % of employees hired through an internal internship program were retained, and 52.2% with internship experiences through another employer were retained, while 45% percent who were hired without any internship experience were retained. And according to a recent Unity College alumni survey, over 57% of our graduates stated that internship experiences helped secure their employment.

Internship Quick Facts

  • Employers made full-time offers to 51.7% of their interns.
  • … and retained 78% of these hires after one year.
  • 57% of our graduates stated that internship experiences helped secure their employment.
  • During the Fall 2014 through Summer 2015 internship season, 105 Unity College students completed their internships in over 20 states and 5 countries.
  • 92% of internship employers said they would rehire their intern
  • 96% of internship employers said their intern met or exceeded their expectations on the job.

What are students saying about their experience?

Every year, Unity College students participate in the Internship Showcase by presenting their final projects. You can also visit the internship blogs here.

What are employers saying about Unity College interns?

  • “We are grateful for this partnership with Unity College!” – Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance, Belgrade Lake, ME
  • “If [intern] is representative of Unity’s student body, you should take great pride in the quality citizens your program is producing!” – South Carolina Waterfowl Association: Camp Woodie, Pinewood, SC
  • “Unity students are above average in attitude, ethics, and preparation.” – Old Orchard Beach Police Department, Old Orchard Beach, ME

Contact Us

Contact the Internship Coordinator, at or 207-509-7273 with any questions.

Internship Agreement Form
Internship Program Handbook 2019/20
Internship Program Site Supervisor Confirmation
Internship Info. Session

Study Abroad

Studying away from Unity College is a wonderful way to expand your horizons. Students can earn credit from most accredited institutions worldwide. Studying abroad can be completed throughout the semester, summer, or short intensive sessions. Students have also completed international internships.

Getting Started

The Study Abroad resources are available at the Career Resource Center located in the John Burwell Building. After consulting with Career Resource Center staff, students will be prepared to present The Study Away From Unity College paperwork (link to pdf document) to the Registrar’s Office for approval.

Commonly Used Study Abroad Programs

International Studies Abroad (ISA)
ISA offers high-quality education abroad programming in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific, providing a range of study, internship, and service-learning opportunities.

Center for Ecological Living and Learning (CELL)
CELL offers 14-week college semester abroad programs focusing on community-based solutions to environmental problems. Semester programs consist of a combination of structured coursework, field-learning experiences, service-learning opportunities, and development of individual action plans for environmental stewardship.

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
CIEE is a nonprofit organization – it is a comprehensive resource for students who want to go abroad – student airfare, rail passes, ID cards, work abroad, study abroad information.

Greenheart Exchange
The Greenheart Exchange is a non-profit international education exchange organization dedicated to the promotion of cultural understanding, academic development, and world peace.

Ecolife Expeditions
Affiliated with the University of Pretoria in South Africa, Ecolife offers two options for 8-credit hands-on wildlife-focused expeditions.

Operation Wallacea
International scientific research focused on conservation and biodiversity. Areas of focus are considered the most biologically diverse areas in the world.

School for Field Studies
Study abroad programs. Also, check out the “Working for SFS” page for information about paid international internships for college graduates.

Contact Us

Contact Rachel Kahn, Director of Career Services, at or 207-509-7221 with any questions.