Your U-Card includes access to a convenient pre-paid account, Unity Dollars. Your Unity Dollars account offers a safe and convenient way to make cashless purchases at participating locations:

  • Campus Store
  • McKay Farm

Unity Dollars Are:

Convenient – Make purchases with the ID card you already carry.  No need to carry cash, exact change or other cards.
Prepaid – Only spend what is in the account.  No costs, interest or fees to add value or use the account.
Easy to Add Value – Add funds by debit / credit card or check – via web, phone or mail.
24/7 Account Access – Add value, view transactions, establish guest user accounts, and more once you register.
Safe & Secure – If your U-Card is lost, the account can be suspended immediately and value transferred to a new card. Card replacement fee is $20.00
Carried Over – Unity Dollars carry over each semester and year while you are a student at Unity College.

Register today to add Unity Dollars funds and get the most out of your U-Card!

  1. With your U-Card handy, go to the U-Card Account Center (
  2. Click “Register Now” on the Cardholder Account Center page.
  3. Enter the following information:
    1. Your U-Card Card Number. This is a 16 digit number at the bottom of your U-Card, beginning with 6039.
    2. Your U-Card Security Code. This is a 3 digit number immediately following the Card Number, in small print.
    3. Your Student or Employee ID Number. This is an 11 digit number in larger print just above the card number, beginning with 0 or 1.
  4. Create a new User Profile by entering the following information: A username and password. Your email address (you can enter the same email address for the parent email if prompted.) A secret question and answer.
  5. Review the Cardholder terms and conditions and accept these terms by entering your initials and clicking “Accept Terms”
  6. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation page.  You can now login using the username and password you established previously.
  7. After logging in, you may choose to provide guest access to your account so that your parents or others may add funds to your account.

Access the U-Card Account Center

For more information, or to add funds by phone, contact the U-Card account team at  1- 888-800-7083.