TO: Employee-news
FROM: Dr. Melik Peter Khoury
DATE: February 10, 2016
SUBJECT: Leadership in Abundance: Chief Fundraising Officer — Effective February 14th 2016
ATTACHMENT: Chief Fundraising Officer Job Description


Leadership in Abundance requires that we add capacity and skills where institutional need requires, but also that we build pathways to leadership development from within.  As we encourage internal leadership development it is important to empower those who accept responsibility along the way.

As you know, the Chief Fundraising Officer role was left vacant last month.  Since then I have been talking with the Chief Officers, the development team, and the Chair of our Development Committee of the Board, amongst others, to imagine our way forward.  At every turn, the name of one of our own was offered up as an example of the skill set and leadership style necessary to achieve our fundraising goals.  The respect and recommendation did not surprise me, as Erica was with me at the beginning in the Department of External Affairs.

Please join me in welcoming Erica Hutchinson to the role of Chief Fundraising Officer (CFRO).  CFRO serves as first among equals on functions like fundraising, alumni relations, major donors and donor relationship management, annual fund, and other giving programs.  Attached is the CFRO description for reference.

Erica has served Unity College and the development area very well in her years of service and has widespread support from Chief Officers, students, alumni, donors, and college employees.  As a matter of fact, Erica has notched the second highest fundraising totals during her time at Unity.  I expect nothing less than that Erica will continue the brand of integrity, service, leadership, and relationship management that has already earned so much good will for her and for Unity College.

I’m also pleased to announce that Erica, to fulfill a key tenant of her responsibility as a Chief Officer, is independently completing her Master’s Degree as part of her professional development as she continues to grow in her new role.

Thank you all for your continuing commitment to Unity College and the success of our students. Thanks to Erica for stepping up.

In Unity,
Dr. Melik Peter Khoury
Unity College

Office: 207-509-7144

“Skill can be taught; loyalty can be garnered, confidence can be instilled; but attitude & integrity are inherent! So teach skill, garner loyalty; instill confidence; but never compromise on attitude & integrity.”

“Integrity, by its very existence, rekindles the belief that as a people we can live above the level of moral squalor. We need that belief; as a cynical community is a corrupt community.” John  Gardner