TO: Employee-news

FROM: Dr. Melik Peter Khoury

DATE: January 4, 2016

SUBJECT: Happy New Year!


Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year!  As I start my first day as Unity College’s president, I just wanted to send out a quick note and let you all know how excited I am to steward this chapter of Unity College’s history and the continued progress of our strategic plan as your president.

Being part of the Unity College Community for the last three years in my diverse roles, I have enjoyed the many rich discussions regarding new learning modality opportunities, demographic shift considerations, enrollment stability (recruitment retention), cost & affordability, how to best support our students, the value of our brand of education and its marketing niche, the changing economic environment, and governance.  To name a few.  

At the heart of it all has been one constant: our commitment to our students’ success (past, present, & future). Never has the work we do in all of our respective areas been so critical within the context of the environmental century, as our work is nothing short of shaping the minds and readiness of our students to be stewards of the environment – regardless of their field.

I look forward to seeing you all when I get back next week and at the State of the College. For this week, I will be at the Council of Independent Colleges Presidents Institute. I hope to represent you well.

As I prepare my first State-of-the-College address, I am happy to take suggestions on strategic topics you would like me to cover. Time is short, I will not be able to cover everything, so it is important for me to know what strategic item is top of mind for you.  If not, no worries, there will be lots of time for us to chat during the upcoming semester.

Dr. Melik Peter Khoury

President, Unity College