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Adventure-Based Environmental Education

Bachelor of Science

Join us on campus.


in the outdoors

The B.S. in Adventure-Based Environmental Education at Unity College prepares students to make a real impact in education and the environment through hands-on, experiential learning.


Number of recent graduating class were employed or attending graduate school


Student-to-faculty ratio


First college in the nation to divest from fossil fuels

Adventure-Based Environmental Education Program Highlights

Teaching Experience
Learn to teach through experience by interacting with the world and sharing with others.
Technical Skills
Develop technical skills in small classes with expert instructors and through outdoor activities.
Rewarding Careers
Develop leadership skills and work with risk management, group process, and client relations to prepare for your career of choice.
Practice what you learn by leading trips, becoming a Nova instructor, managing the challenge course at the Outdoor Adventure Center.
Large Network
Experience a range of potential career paths while simultaneously supporting your community.
Our Unique Location
Live and learn in beautiful Maine!

As a student in this adventure education program, you won’t just spend time in the classroom learning about outdoor skills and adventures—you’ll actually get outside and gain real-world experience leading groups through the wilderness and other natural settings.

Alongside technical knowledge, you’ll learn pedagogy and classroom-management techniques to help you make change as a skilled educator in the classroom. You’ll also learn all about the scientific concepts integral to environmental adventure education and innovative thinking.

Adventure education requires a big “classroom” with active outdoor learning. If you seek a career in outdoor, recreational, environmental, or experiential education, grab your gear and join us for an adventure.

What You Will Study

In addition to liberal arts foundation courses from our Environmental Citizen Curriculum, you will study group development and safe field instruction, as well as explore how to use adventure activities such as backpacking, canoeing, and rock climbing to make environmental learning both an adventure and a tool for instruction.

At Unity, you will explore, plan, practice, and promote action-oriented programs that reshape learning to inspire your future students.

Careers in Adventure Based Environmental Education

As a graduate of our Adventure Based Environmental Education program, you’ll have a variety of career choices available to you, including:

  • Educator in schools, nature centers, museums, camps, and more
  • Expedition guide through wilderness settings
  • Wilderness therapy and advocacy professional
  • Outdoor adventure travel professional

Discover the many ways Unity College Career Services can help you reach your career goals.


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Unity College Admissions

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