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Earth and Environmental Science

Bachelor of Science

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The Earth and Environmental Science major at Unity College prepares students to enter the workforce or graduate school by providing robust training in field and lab skills, research techniques, quantitative and data analysis methods, GIS and remote sensing, and the integration of technology in these pursuits.


Percentage of graduates who have secured a job or are in graduates school within six months.


Median salary for an environmental scientist / specialist


Projected 10-year growth rate for a geoscience tech

Earth and Environmental Science Program Highlights

Geoscience lab, chemistry lab, dedicated research space and equipment
One-on-One Research
Career mentoring opportunities
Applied learning modeled around real world scenarios
Geoscience lab, chemistry lab, dedicated research space and equipment

A Day in the Life of an Earth and Environmental Student

Drive a boat around lakes and perform water quality testing… wade in rivers to measure flow and collect samples… assist with drone-based remote sensing analysis of the landscape and freshwater lakes… collect lake sediment cores and study pollen and charcoal to reconstruct environmental conditions… analyze soil particle size… measure hydraulic conductivity… determine flood hydrology characteristics, describe soil pits… hike around the backwoods of Maine… explore ice caves… use fluorescent dye to track infiltration… use surveying instruments to study topography… measure rainfall runoff rates… evaluate glacial geological landforms… use spectrometers to measure environmental pollutants… collect weather data and compile climate records… install groundwater wells and perform groundwater modeling… measure lead concentration in bird feathers… measure microplastics in the environment… study isotopes in precipitation. use GIS to evaluate changes in forest ecology and responses to disturbances and evaluate environmental impacts…. oh, and drink coffee, eat donuts, and go ice fishing, hiking, and camping! These are examples of activities you will do in EES classes and as part of faculty-student research projects.

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