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Environmental Writing and Media Studies

Bachelor of Arts

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The Environmental Writing and Media Studies degree program at Unity College empowers students to advocate for the environment through a variety of compelling and persuasive media.


Number of recent graduating class were employed or attending graduate school.


Student-to-faculty ratio.


Number of grads secure employment or grad school before they graduate.

Environmental Writing and Media Studies Highlights

Hawk and Handsaw
The Journal of Creative Sustainability
Small Classes
Studio classes are capped at 15 students.
Double Major
Our flexible major allows for complementary courses of study within another major.
Unity College Center for the Arts
A new space created for the arts and media studies
Impress Mentors
Learn from those who are experts in their fields
Our Unique Location
The natural and cultural landscape of Maine is extraordinary with its lakes, forests, dramatic coastline, and impressive population of working environmental artists.

B.A. in Environmental Writing and Media Studies

As you engage in Unity’s distinctive sustainability science curriculum, you will learn to address complex environmental issues and advocate for food and farms, climate change, biodiversity, sustainable societies, wildlife management, and more. Our hands-on and integrative approach to learning also gives you the opportunity for creative exploration and discovery. So ask yourself: Where do I want to go?

If you’re passionate about the environment and aspire to address global sustainability issues with a keen perspective, we want to hear your story—and help you learn how to share it effectively.

Environmental Communication

The field of environmental communication crosses the boundaries of environmental studies, environmental science, communications, and social science. As an environmental writing and media studies major, you’ll learn to produce effective websites, powerful documentary films, and strategic social media, among other forms of traditional and new communications.

By emphasizing experiential learning, writing and editing as a process, and the development of a unique voice, our program provides you with the skills necessary for a variety of rewarding environmental communication careers.

Hawk & Handsaw – The Journal of Creative Sustainability is Unity College’s literary and visual arts journal featuring works that interpret and redefine notions of sustainability.  Students enrolled in the Environmental Writing & Media Studies major have opportunities to contribute to the journal as an writer, or might work behind the scenes with faculty to design and produce the monthly features.

Define Your Area of Study

In addition to liberal arts foundation courses from our Environmental Citizen Curriculum, the Environmental Writing and Media Studies program includes exploring and specializing in digital media production, documentary film, environmental advocacy, new media, environmental communications, and writing for publication.

As part of your final project, you’ll develop a portfolio suitable for publication, which may include editorial work on Unity College’s critically acclaimed “Hawk & Handsaw: The Journal of Creative Sustainability”.

You’ll also gain real world experience and skills interning with land trusts, local businesses and associations such as the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA)[link], and world-class film festivals such as the Camden International Film Festival (CIFF) and the Maine International Film Festival (MIFF).

Additionally, our small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratio provide a more personalized environment for self-exploration.

Careers in Environmental Writing and Media Studies

Strong communication skills are in high demand by employers and are the most-valued skill set according to a survey of Unity College alumni. Graduates of our Environmental Writing and Media Studies program are well prepared to serve in various positions that require strong communication skills, including:

  • Environmental communications officers
  • Environmental journalists
  • Professional writers for nonprofit organizations
  • Media and web content developers
  • Independent filmmakers

The B.A. in Environmental Writing and Media Studies at Unity also serves as excellent preparation for law school, graduate programs, film and media school, and advanced creative writing programs.

Discover the many ways Unity Career Services can help you reach your career goals.

Faculty Profiles

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Unity College Admissions

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