I am honored to be working with you as your staff liaison for the duration of your remote classes. I am here to assist you in addition to your professors and your academic advisor. I will be checking in with you a few times a week to make sure you have the support you need to complete the semester successfully. see how you are doing in your classes and in general.  Please let me know if you prefer email or phone calls to stay in touch, and know that you can contact me at anytime if you need assistance. To get things started, please let me know if you feel prepared for remote online learning and if there is anything you may need to be successful.

Some things that I can help you with include tutoring information, access to online resources, technological assistance, answering general questions, and connecting you to other academic campus resources.

Over the next week, keep the following tips for online success in mind:

  • Make a study plan with due dates and deadlines.
  • Set weekly goals and beat deadlines so you are not surprised by outages or slow connections.
  • Treat studying like a job – spend 2 hours reading, studying and working on assignments for each credit of class.
  • Manage your time carefully, break down tasks and accomplish your goals each day.
  • Dedicate time to study and do not allow yourself to reschedule the time.
  • Find a quiet space and eliminate distractions.
  • Limit your use of social media
  • Use online resources at Quimby Library and tutoring through the CLC.
  • Stay connected – If you have questions, contact your professors to get clarification as soon as possible.

I will check in late next week as we get closer to the start of your classes resuming in Canvas.

Stay safe and I look forward to working with you over the next few weeks.


Zach Falcon

VP of Flagship