Students at Unity College have the opportunity to participate in varsity, club, and intramural sports. A competitive yet relaxed and positive atmosphere makes Unity a great place to pursue your athletic goals. Keep your dreams alive and join one of our winning teams!

Varsity Sports

Athletics Website Unity CollegeOur varsity (or intercollegiate) teams compete under the guidelines of the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) and the Yankee Small College Conference (YSCC). These affiliations allow our varsity athletes to compete for regional and national recognition. In recent years, Unity teams have traveled to North Carolina, Michigan, and Texas for national competitions. The Unity College Rams are on the rise!

Check out Unity College Athletics to learn more about our varsity programs, including men’s and women’s cross-country, soccer, and basketball, as well as women’s volleyball.

Club Sports

Many Unity students stay active by taking part in club sports. At Unity, we offer a variety of exciting club sport opportunities from ice hockey, lacrosse, and indoor soccer to martial arts and ultimate frisbee. Our club sports program—including our woodsmen team, which has a long and proud tradition at Unity—allows students to compete in local and regional leagues.

Zsakiyah BrownIntramural Sports

Intramural sports on campus provide students with a range of opportunities to get out and have fun. We offer formal leagues in basketball, flag football, volleyball, and floor hockey among others. And in support of the healthy mind–healthy body philosophy, we also offer wellness activities such as yoga, martial arts, dance, and exercise classes.

Contact athletics to learn more about Unity’s athletic programs and how you can get involved, or speak with our Athletics Director, Ms. Zsakiyah Brown at (207) 509-7267.