Campus Dining

Award-winning dining services

Unity College’s award-winning dining services program is run by dedicated staff who make healthy, delicious meals all year round. It is our mission to provide quality food—using locally sourced products whenever possible—in a friendly atmosphere with excellent customer service and a high degree of focus on sustainable practices.

Renovations include adding a Mongolian grill.

Wyman Commons and the Student Center

We serve meals in both Wyman Commons and the Student Center. Wyman Commons—an all-you-care-to-eat facility for students, employees, and the public—is our campus dining hall, serving three meals a day Monday through Friday and brunch and dinner on weekends. The Student Center, with a cook-to-order retail menu, serves meal exchanges, and various snacks, a micro-market, games, and live entertainment as well.

Both Wyman Commons and the Student Center accept cash and credit cards, as well as the Unity College U-Card for meal plan and Unity Dollars.

Sustainability in Action

At Unity College, you don’t have to be in a classroom to see how we blend knowledge and practice—look only as far as campus dining, and you’ll see all kinds of sustainability efforts at work.

Here are just a handful of campus dining’s sustainable initiatives:

  • Our napkins are made from recycled paper, and dispensers release napkins one at a time to reduce waste.
  • Our food waste is collected and utilized by AgriCycle Energy in Exeter Maine, who then process it into biogas in an anaerobic digester.
  • Our menus are sustainability driven, with seasonality, plant-based and sustainably sourced ingredients foremost in mind.
  • All purchasing is done with the Real Food Challenge guidelines and STARS requirements in mind.
  • We purchase 80% of our products from two Maine-based vendors, and our primary vendor is committed to environmental practices.
  • We make our breakfast sandwiches with local, cage-free eggs.
  • Our cooking oils are recycled by Maine Standard Biofuels, a Portland-based company that processes used vegetable oils from Maine communities and returns it as fuel.
  • We offer a reusable To-Go container program, anyone can purchase one and take their meal with them instead of using paper products.
  • We process Local food when available for use later in the season.
  • We use bulk products instead of PC (portion control) to eliminate packaging waste.

We are proud to say that some of our best sustainable practices were born out of ideas from students—incredibly motivated and committed individuals who often ask, “Why don’t we … ?” Keep those questions and ideas coming!