By having residents compete as a building it is hoped that a sense of identity and belong is fostered as the residents take more pride and responsibility for their residential communities.

Dean’s Cup is much like the House Cup competition in the Harry Potter book series only with a little more magic.

Dean’s Cup Events

There are at least 2 Dean’s Cup events per month during the academic year. Residents compete as a group unit. Some contests might be ongoing (common area damages, amount of recycling, etc.) while others might be a specific event (volleyball tournament, egg toss contest, attendance percentage at a presentation, etc.). Scoring for each contest is as follows:

  • 1st place 90 points
  • 2nd place 80 points
  • 3rd place 70 points
  • 4th place 60 points
  • 5th place 50 points
  • 6th place 40 points
  • 7th place 30 points
  • 8th place 20 points
  • 9th place 10 points

The director of residence life/assistant dean for student affairs is the final arbiter of points, and is also responsible for maintaining the point totals. The director is also responsible for setting the schedule of Dean’s Cup events and will solicit ideas from the faculty, staff, and students.

Dean’s Cup Trophy

The Dean’s Cup Trophy is kept secured and safe by the director of residence life/assistant dean for student affairs. The Dean’s Cup Trophy often makes appearances at Dean’s Cup events throughout the year. Each semester’s winning residence hall name is engraved on the trophy and a Dean’s cup plaque is given to the winning building to be put on display.

Dean’s Cup Teams and Colors

  • Clifford (Yellow)
  • Cianchette Hall (Orange)
  • Maplewood & Cottages  (Brown)
  • Eastview (White/Tie-dye)
  • Off-Campus (Red)
  • Westview (Green)
  • UnityOne (Yellow)
  • Wood Hall (Blue)
  • UnityTwo (Purple)
  • UnityThree (Black)

Dean’s Cup Past Winners

  • Spring 2019 Wood Hall
  • Fall 2019 UnityThree
  • Spring 2018 Wood Hall
  • Fall 2017 Unity Three
  • Spring 2015 Cianchette
  • Fall 2014 Clifford
  • Spring 2014 Wood Hall
  • Fall 2013 Eastview
  • Spring 2013 Cianchette
  • Fall 2012 Eastview
  • Spring 2012 Wood Hall
  • Fall 2011 Westview
  • Spring 2011 Cianchette
  • Fall 2010 Eastview
  • Spring 2010 Cianchette
  • Fall 2009 Eastview
  • Spring 2009 Cianchette
  • Fall 2008 Eastview