The central community core, which is the heart of the building, consists of an airlock glass entry way, a community kitchen, a laundry room, a large computer/study room, a bike/kayak storage room, the resident advisor’s room, and a large community lounge. The airlock glass entryway allows a lot of natural lighting into the community lounge. The community kitchen is right off the community lounge, as is the resident advisor’s room. The bike/kayak storage room has only an exterior entranceway to prevent bikes from being wheeled through the residence. The large 18’ x 30’ community lounge has a cathedral ceiling with large skylights to let the natural light shine.

The living units are on either side of the central community core with 4 singles, 3 doubles, and a 2-room triple per side. The double rooms are 12′ x 16′ and the single rooms are 10′ x 16′. The rooms are furnished with beds, dressers, desks/chairs, and come equipped with built-in closets. Two community bathrooms are also in each wing. Each bathroom consists of an entryway leading to a handicapped-accessible toilet and sink, as well as a handicapped-accessible shower/changing room. The bathrooms are designed so that one person could be using the sink/toilet while another is using the shower. All 4 bathrooms are all located close to the building’s community lounge. The single and double bedrooms open out onto a north-south corridor with fire doors on either end, which is bisected by an east-west corridor that leads into the community lounge.