“At this time of increasing interest in sustainability science, we feel we need to make a strong commitment to supporting those students who have chosen America’s Environmental College to launch their careers in high-growth green industries,” Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury said. “That means supplying state-of-the-industry housing and academic spaces that support learning, community, and sustainability.”

Key Features of Unity Three:

  • Double and single rooms
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms
  • Four common rooms per floor, including two large common rooms with attached kitchenettes, four reading and gaming rooms, an internet café-style common room, a four-person study room, and a six-person group study room
  • A resident director apartment
  • Two-room RA suites for peer counseling, mediation, and accessibility
  • Heat exchange air pumps providing heating and cooling
  • Located in the center of campus, with convenient access to classrooms, student center, library, gym, fitness center, and dining halls.