The bed size listed on the website indicates a standard twin. Does Unity have extra-long twin bed mattresses available upon request?

All of our bed frames are extra-long. However, most of our mattresses are normal twin size so that regular twin-sized sheets will fit. We do have a  supply of extra-long mattresses for our extra-long students. If your son or daughter would like an extra-long mattress, please let us know so we can make appropriate arrangements.

How do you check into your room?

Once you arrive at the residence hall, look for the resident advisor (RA), who will be sporting a cyan blue polo shirt. Your RA will show you to your room, explain the check-in form, and introduce you to other students who may have already arrived.

You will need to check the room against the check-in form, noting any differences, complete the form, and return it to your RA, who will give you your room key. Then you then may begin to move in. There will be volunteer movers available who can help! Your RA will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

How do I know whether I am on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd floor?

The first number of your room number indicates the floor the room is on. So if your room is Westview 130, you are on the 1st floor. If you live in Cianchette 217, you are on the 2nd floor. And if you live in Wood Hall 309, you are on the 3rd floor.

What are the regulations regarding posters on the walls? Can I hang things with nails or screws, or just the tacky stuff?

We prefer that students hang posters and pictures in their room with command strips. Scotch tape often takes the paint with it when removed, and I would definitely not recommend using duct tape! Tacks, nails, and screws will damage the wall, requiring patching and painting (a $100 charge per wall). The rooms in Wood Hall do have wooden poster strips on the left and right walls designed to take tacks. Command strips also work well but you have to be careful when removing them, otherwise you will take the paint off as well. The best thing to use to hang posters is painter’s tape. It sticks really well to the walls of the residence halls and is designed not to take paint with it when it is removed.

I never received the Housing Application/Deposit Forms. What should I do?

As an incoming student, your housing deposit is handled through Admissions. After you have paid your admission deposit you will receive instructions on how to complete the housing application in the student portal.

Returning students should follow the Housing Application and Selection Process for Returning Students. (Returning students entering in the spring semester should contact Student Services)

When do first-year students find out where and with whom we will be rooming?

We begin making housing assignments for incoming students during the second week of May. Remember that we can’t place you until you complete your online housing application on the student portal because use the information on the questionnaire to match roommates. Once we place you, we will send out a notice with information on your housing assignment and roommate(s), or you can also find this information on your student portal under Housing, when you get access to your Unity College student portal.

Do the residence hall rooms have Internet connections?

Each room has wireless network and Internet services available.

What options would we have in regard to living arrangements for married couples?

We can provide housing for married couples, though the request is quite rare (one in 23 years). We require a copy of the marriage certificate. We would likely offer a married couple a double room in Cianchette Hall, which has a private bathroom.

I have a sugar glider named Icarus. Would I be able to keep him in my residence hall? He’s not loud or smelly.

Currently, our campus pet policy only allows fish.

What size refrigerator is allowed in the room?

We allow standard dorm/cube-sized refrigerators, as well as the double cube. We do not allow full-sized refrigerators.

Who are the resident advisors?

Our resident advisors (RAs) are upper-class students who have undergone resident-advisor training. Each resident advisor lives on campus in the residential community for which they are responsible. The resident advisor works under the supervision and direction of the director of residence life. Each resident advisor is accountable for helping to create a community environment that is conducive to the personal growth and development of all residents.

I am an incoming freshman, and I have a friend who is also going to be a freshman at Unity in the fall. We would like to room together, but forgot to mention this on our housing applications. It is too late to room together?

If you have already turned in your housing application and forgotten to include your roommate request, please contact us, and we will be happy to honor your roommate preference.

How big is my residence hall room?

Room dimensions are available for download here.

Am I allowed to have small cooking appliances—like a plug-in teapot or rice cooker—in my residence hall room?

In general, small electric cooking appliances are permitted if they have automatic shutoff features and don’t have exposed/separate heating elements.

Is there a place to wash dishes in my residence hall?

It depends on which residence hall you’re in. In Unity Three, Unity Two, Clifford, Cianchette Hall, Maplewood Hall, Eastview, Westview, and the Cottages, there are kitchenettes and residents can wash their dishes in the kitchen sink. Wood Hall does not have kitchenettes, so residents must wash any dirty dishes in the bathroom sinks.

Does the college provide blinds on the bedroom windows?


Could spring rods fit inside the window frame of the windows?

Yes, a spring rod could fit inside the window.

Are students allowed to mount curtain hardware?

They are; however you might have some problems doing so in Wood Hall, because the walls are concrete. (It’s true: our only non-wooden residence hall is called Wood Hall! It is named after Unity College’s first president.)

How does laundry work in the residence halls? Do I need to bring a lot of coins?

There are washers and dryers located in every residential area on campus.  They run on a laundry card which makes it so that students do not need many coins.  You can get a card from the laundry card machine located in the Student Center in the Activities Building.  To put money on your laundry card, you can either put cash into the machine or go online and use your credit card (which will give you a code to redeem on the machine).  A wash costs $1.75 and a dry is $1.50.  Please make sure to keep your laundry card safe–the money is actually put on to the smart card and anyone could use it, given that it is not tied to you or your account.  Also, students in the past have found that it is unwise to wash your laundry card!  The washers and dryers are run by an outside vendor, MacGray.  If you have an issue with your laundry card or the washers/dryers, please contact Student Services.

I am trying to find a microwave that draws a maximum of 1.5 amps but I have been unsuccessful.  I was wondering if it was a mistake on the “items to bring” list because, compared to other microwaves, that seems unrealistically low.

Any normal kitchen appliance microwave is allowed.  We just don’t want restaurant industrial sized microwaves.

What is my mailing address while at Unity College?

Name of Student
Unity College
83 Quaker Hill Rd.
Unity, ME 04988

Hi, I just had a quick question for dorms and emotional support animals (ESA)? I’m planning on bringing my cat as an ESA, but I’m also not sure what that do residence hall wise. If I don’t have someone planning to sign up as my roommate who would say yes to being alright with a cat in the room, would I get a random roommate who’s okay with cats, or would it then be a single room?

Please go to to access the  ESA housing accommodation form and the Emotional Support Animal protocol. You would be assigned a roommate who is agreeable to your ESA.  Students with ESA housing accommodations are not placed in single rooms unless they also have been approved for a single room housing accommodation.  Students who have been approved an ESA housing accommodation will be placed in one of the animal-allowed residence halls which are UnityTwo, Clifford, Cianchette Green, Cianchette Red, Cianchette Gold, and Westview.