Unity College Firearms Policy
Can be found in the Student Handbook

Hunting and Fishing Licenses
Did you know that non-resident students are eligible to purchase hunting and fishing licenses at resident prices?

Hunting season dates
Check for season dates & regulations

Any Deer Permit Application
Must apply by mid-August each year. Unity is located in WMD 23

Maine’s Moose Lottery
This is a lottery drawing only. Hunters must draw a permit to hunt moose in Maine or be listed as a sub-permittee on someone else’s tag. Check this site for the application deadline.

Fishing in Maine
Maine has some world-class fishing opportunities! Maine’s fishing laws can be confusing and are based not only on what body of water being fished (lake, pond, river or ocean) but also by the
location (town or county), species and at times the name of the body of water being fished. Rules and regulations can change seasonally and annually. Know the law and stay informed.

Hunting on Private Land: Ask First
Most of the land in Central & Southern Maine is privately owned. Even if the land is not visibly posted, it’s best to ask permission before hunting, fishing, hiking or using someone else’s property. You can check out land ownership e.g. names of owners through town offices.

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife (MDIFW)

Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR)