The world’s natural resources are fundamental to our existence, tremendously influencing our health, productivity, and quality of life. As our growing population increasingly encroaches upon the planet’s wild spaces with habitation, tourism, and industry, it’s recognized that more integrated and holistic approaches to resource management are necessary to sustain our land, water, plants, animals, and other materials provided by the Earth.

That’s one reason why a Masters in Professional Science with a concentration in Sustainable Natural Resource Management is ideal preparation for the many important and rewarding careers in this field. Unity College’s online Masters Degree uses a transdisciplinary approach to understanding and managing the natural world, combining science with organizational and professional skills. Anyone interested in wildlife biology or the management of natural resources can achieve the training and credentials to advance their career path.

Here are four exciting job outcomes that graduates can choose from.

Work as an Environmental Resource Manager with a Natural Resource Management Masters

Environmental resource managers work with the government, private landowners, and companies to conserve the overall quality of particular lands, such as forests, parks, and mountain ranges. The job often involves extensive fieldwork as well as time in labs and offices, studying samples and planning efficient and sustainable ways to balance economic and ecological interests.

Environmental resource managers often combine work in the field, office, and lab

Environmental resource managers often combine work in the field, office, and lab

They are often responsible for negotiating agreements with companies and other entities seeking to use these lands, while ensuring the implementation of government regulations and the long-term health of the land.

Become a Sustainability Specialist with a Professional Science Masters

One of the most common careers in sustainability science is sustainability specialist, a highly multi-faceted role that challenges professionals to find solutions that meet environmental, economic and, social needs. This job requires interpreting and developing procedures to help organizations comply with environmental regulations while ensuring the company operates in a profitable and socially responsible manner.

Professionals with a natural resource management degree in this role must have extensive knowledge of production processes, liaising with diverse stakeholders, and implementing measures to improve energy and resource efficiency.

Leveraging your Natural Resource Management Degree to Become a Conservation Scientist

Conservation scientists work to preserve and restore biodiversity, integrating planning and sustainable management strategies to address threats to species and habitat and repair damaged ecosystems. It involves deep research and long-term monitoring of specific animal populations, studying factors such as average life span, reproductive, and fertility rates to identify and protect endangered species.

Wildlife Biologist Careers with a Natural Resource Management Masters

Similar to conservation scientists, wildlife biologists with a professional science masters study the impact of environmental change on species sustainability, analyzing how human interaction with various lands influence animal life and the ecosystems they depend on. Communications with government, conservation groups, and other stakeholders will seek to establish accurate understandings of the health of wildlife populations. This information can help determine the number of hunting licences permitted or mobilize integrated conservation strategies.

Wildlife biologists study the impact of environmental change on species sustainability

Wildlife biologists study the impact of environmental change on species sustainability

If you’re interested in pursuing one of these paths or other careers in sustainability science, flexible and affordable degree programs are offered by Unity College Online on the following start dates:

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