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Support Services

Career Coaches (and Academic Advising)

At the Technical Institute for Environmental Professions, we take a different approach to learner support and academic advising. One important way we achieve this is through our Career Coaching model where learners, during the application process are paired with a Career Coach. That Career Coach will then accompany the learner through their entire experience serving as the primary academic advisor, advocate, and support team lead. Career Coaches will work with you in the admission process to ensure you are pursuing a program that will best help you achieve your goals and then provide ongoing support and access to resources to help you succeed.


Our use of technology is intentional and designed to remove barriers to earning your degree or certificate. The utilization of technology is the keystone to a modern college and underpins the work of the Technical Institute for Environmental Professions. As the Technical Institute for Environmental Professions is being developed, we are deploying the best tech tools available to enhance the learner experience and success. In doing so we have built systems that allow faculty and Career Coaches to intervene early and quickly when a learner is at risk. Communicating with learners is personalized, relevant, and timely through automation and analytics. Even more important is our future-focused, highly flexible (HyFlex) learning environment. All our classrooms and labs are outfitted with cameras, speakers, microphones, and big screens allowing in-person and remote learners to communicate in real-time. We intentionally took HyFlex learning a step further and designed our whole curriculum and new facilities around it, instead of attempting to fit our remote learners into a traditional classroom.

Course-level Support

We know that most students at one time or another in their academic journey are going to require support in at least one course. There are several ways that we support students when these needs arise such as course capture, content expertise, and tutoring. We understand that not everyone learns the same way, which is why we have learning support solutions to meet individual needs.

Course capture

As part of the HyFlex teaching model, all courses are recorded in real-time, including class discussions, presentations, and labs. These recordings are saved directly into your course’s online site for access as often as you’d like.

Content Expert

Some content will be difficult, and questions are going to come up. Every course will have virtual “drop-in” times for learners to get help from a content expert. Often the content expert is the faculty member teaching the course. Several of our faculty members work full-time in the professional field and we support their courses with a secondary expert for assistance outside of class


In addition to the above services provided, the Technical Institute for Environmental Professions contracts with expert online tutors who are available to all learners. You can talk with any Career Coach to learn more about this service.

Stop-out & Return Support

A stop-out is when a learner needs to take a term (or two) off but plans to return and continue their studies. We understand that life happens, and learners may need to take a term off during their study for a variety of reasons – from childcare to some much-needed R&R. Our goal is to make the return to the classroom as smooth as possible. At the Technical Institute for Environmental Professions, we make it easy and all we require is that you have a conversation with your Career Coach to talk through the process and set it in motion.

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