The Challenge:

Students often come to college without a clear path for a career. As we have learned from the dropout crisis, this often leads to students randomly selecting classes that may actually reduce their chance of completing their degree. Recent research has identified that the problem is with the schools themselves, which lack a structure in helping students identify an academic path.

The TERRAIN Solution:

TERRAIN’s two-year, pathways structure is made up of a comprehensive set of learning experiences including expeditions, intensive short courses, and co-curricular activities such as lectures, service projects, and student organizations that students must participate in and complete to be prepared for Year 3 in a particular major. Students explore their academic options in four highly immersive and fully supportive environments that correspond with environmental professional work; Commerce & Enterprise, Natural Resource Policy & Law, The Human Experience and Natural Sciences. By the end of two years, students will have a comprehensive understanding of their major, having intensive experience with the infrastructure, coursework, and mentorship to provide the confidence that they can successfully see their studies through to graduation.

Example: Graphic of the four lenses