From: Dr. Erika Latty and Dr. Sarah Cunningham
To: The Unity College Community

Dear Unity College Community,

We are continuing our work to develop the morphology of the first two-year experience.  Conversations this week have focused on the breadth and depth of student learning outcomes.  Our experiences at Unity College and elsewhere are leading us to develop learning outcomes that capture knowledge and skills related to disciplines, literacy, and leadership while incorporating our commitment to sustainability science.  We have long recognized the utility in building community-based learning into our curriculum and the world of education is catching up.  Take a look at this article in the New York Times to see how other institutions and programs are using project-based learning to develop career skills and improve teacher diversity in novel ways.

Process Updates:

  • The Curricular Assessment and Planning Committee (CAPC) picked up an earlier discussion at the Strategic Academic Leadership Team (SALT) to consider how to better align our college-wide learning outcomes with our definitions of sustainability science.
  • Mahurin is scheduling interviews with national thought leaders in developing innovative curriculum and credentialing.
  • The Student Success Team is considering a draft of outcomes relating to leadership and professional skills.

Outcomes and Next Steps:

  • CAPC will continue their conversation to create a draft of the updated college-wide learning outcomes.
  • The Student Success Team will continue their work relating to outcomes in order to arrive at a draft that can be incorporated into the college-wide learning outcomes.
  • Mahurin is investigating lessons and examples of curricular innovation, including those relating to pedagogy, calendar, competency-based education, enhanced credentialing, and community partnerships.
  • We are considering ways to continue our momentum on this project into the summer.  We will report on this in a future communication.

Have you read something in this email (or previous ones) that has piqued your interest?  Let us know.  We are happy to answer individual questions or explore an idea in further depth.