Dear Unity Community,

The end of the semester is upon us! The F2Y Implementation Team (FIT) continues to make remarkable progress in several areas. This week, the FIT continued its focus on the development of the scope and sequence for curriculum, the design of the living learning communities, approaches to orientation and “onboarding” of students, and the review of digital portfolio systems. Brief updates for each of these activities appears below.

FIT discussed the F2Y Scope & Sequence (12.3.18 draft) that describes the broad goals and design features of the proposed curriculum, including (1) updated descriptions of the lenses (e.g., Commerce & Enterprise, Natural Resource Policy and Law, etc.); (2) requirements for “study modules” (roughly equivalent to 2-credit blocks) distributed across various curricular domains (e.g., life sciences, communication, mathematics, etc.); (3) integration of study modules within learning expeditions; and (4) the design of pathways – consisting of specific study modules, co-curricular options, and short courses – that will ensure students’ adequate preparation for matriculation into degree programs in Year 3. This Scope & Sequence draft was also discussed in CAPC on Friday (12.7) and in SALT (12.11).

FIT continues to research digital portfolio options, hosting presentations from vendors, attending webinars, etc. A sub-group consisting of the Registrar, SEC Dean, DCI, and Director of Institutional Effectiveness has compiled a list of key features / functionalities needed in a portfolio platform and will be meeting with the Director of Information Technology in early January to discuss other considerations that might impact our platform choice. The subgroup will also be working directly with vendors to develop pilot portfolios and/or test student profiles so we can get more firsthand experience using the tools.

The student support working group, headed by Dean Phinney, has been focusing on developing a comprehensive “onboarding” program for new students that will address outcomes currently achieved in Nova, New Student Orientation, and Unity Experiences. This group will be designing programming that includes an intensive “up-front” experience as well as regular experiences and training that will be fully integrated within co-curricular and academic programming throughout students’ first term at Unity.

In the coming weeks, the FIT will continue work on these areas, as well as beginning to examine models for recruitment, financial aid, and marketing of the F2Y initiative to new and existing audiences of 17-22 year old students. If you have questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself, CAO Latty, DCI Cartier, or CADO Hutchinson.



Brian E. Doore, Ph.D.
Chief Student Success Officer
Unity College
90 Quaker Hill Road
Unity, ME 04988